Construction process organisation

Construction process organisation or Communication is one of the most important factors during a renovation. We want to ensure that the project is carried out in full compliance with your requirements – therefore we will stay in contact with you during the whole process. We start with an obligation-free quote where you can indicate what you are looking for and what you expect. then we draft a plan for the renovation and price it up, which we will then discuss with you. we willconstantly stay in touch with you while the work is going on, so that you always know how the project is progressing.

Here are the services we offer:

• Design & estimating (define objects /projects by complexity)

• Construction services ( calculate the main phases and subsequent stages of construction work, exact completion date of the object)

• Renovation & remodeling (laying of ingineering communications)

• Upgrades

Saving You Time and Money

We can fast track your project and offer cost-saving solutions to meet your budget goals.