Wall, floor & ceiling

We use the latest building techniques combined with materials of the highest quality.
With our proven new buildings techniques, we produce a modern, refined finish and we can perform renovations where others are not able to. The floor, walls and ceiling contribute to the character and atmosphere.

Here are services offered:

we offer our clientsan enormous range of floor coverings (carpet, PVC- floor, cork, laminate, parquet, etc.),

• wall coverings (such as stucco work, good quality plasters, painting techniques, spray and brush techniques, or numerous wallpapers),

• ceiling systems (lowered, pre- stressed ceilings, laminated, plaster ceiling,etc.).

We take the floors, walls, ceilings, lighting and furnishing into account.

The result? – Inspiring wall decorations that are eye-catching because they are an exception of your own organisation and corporate identity.